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Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine – Plants as Healers

plants as medicine

  Plants as Healers?       Why Use Plants as Medicine? Did you know that most all modern medicines originally came from natural plant sources? Shamanic cultures all over the world have been using plants as medicine for thousands of years successfully. Our current medical model began using natural plant sources as the basis […]

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Best Ways to Purify Water

how to purify water

Best Ways to Purify Water     How To Purify Tap Water How to purify tap water and why you must do it if you care about your health (and your loved one’s well being as well.) Purifying your tap water is no longer a luxury. Tap Water is becoming more toxic by the day. […]

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Womens Health Conference and Cellular Regeneration

beautiful rejuvenated woman

Women’s Wellness Conference   After hosting 10 consecutive sold out events, David Wolfe and the Longevity Now Conference team have listened closely to the feedback from their audience and found that women in particular have a strong desire for women centered discussions. In order to serve the community and dive deep into topics that are […]

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